1. Do I need to register to use Yathrabegins?

Yes. Either via "Sign Up" page or using Mobile OTP after the flight search.

2. How can I create an account in Yathrabegins?
Go to Yathrabegins.com and click "SignUp" with your name , email and contact number.

3. What if I forget my Password?
If you forgot your account password, you can reset the same via "www.yathrabegins.com/login/forget-password.php"

Steps you need to follow to reset the password: 1. Go to www.yathrabegins.com 2. Click on "Login" link. 3. Click on "Forgot password" link 5. Enter the email address from which you created your Yathrabegins account. 6. Click on "Send" to receive the new password.

Steps you need to follow to update the new password: 1. Go to www.yathrabegins.com 2. Click on "Login" link. 3. Click on "My Account" -> "Profile" 4. Click "Edit" to update the new password.

4. How do I update my email and mobile number?
Due to security reasons, we don't allow changing of email ID associated with your account.

5. Can I book tickets over the phone or email?
No. Tickets can be booked only through Yathrabegins web site.

6. How do I get booking confirmation?
Once a booking is made online, a confirmation would be sent to you via e-mail and SMS, which would include your travel details.

7. How can I get my tickets online?
After completion of your transaction you can directly print your tickets from "Print Ticket" link.

8. Can I book return tickets also?
Yes. You can book return tickets wherever they are available. 

9. I have lost my ticket printout. How can I retrieve my booking ?
Simply click on the manage tickets link on the home page to print the e-ticket.

10. Do you have online support?
Yes, we have Email support.

11. Is it mandatory to take a printout of the ticket?
It depends on the service provider / operator you have booked your ticket with. Even E-Tickets are available on Yathrabegins. For operators that support E-Tickets, the copy will be sent to your email address can be produced at the time of check-in.

12. How can I cancel my flight booking online?
Simply click on the manage tickets link on the home page to cancel the booking. Cancellation fee will be depending on the service provider / operator.

13. How can I get a refund in case I cancel my ticket?
The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. Please refer our Cancellation & Refund Policy page. Service Fee & Convenience Fess charged by Yathrabegins is non-refundable for Ticket Cancellation/Service Cancellation. The refund can be credited to the source of payment.

14. Do I get a refund?
Yathrabegins provides refund if the flight is cancelled from airline or service provider's end. However, if the flight is missed due to any other reason not directly related to airline or service provide no refund is provided.

15. Where and how do I get Yathrabegins discount codes?
Discount coupon codes are available on our home page https://www.yathrabegins.com. To find the latest coupon codes on the website, go to Home > OFFERS & COUPONS section.

16. Discount code does not seem to be working. What shall I do?
A discount code will not work in the following scenarios: 1) If its validity period has expired 2) Promo code number fed is incorrect.

17.What is the validity of discount codes?
Discount codes are valid only for limited period.

18. What are the modes of payment?
We accept all major credit cards & debit cards from banks. Payments can also be made by Net Banking. 

19. Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?
Transactions on Yathrabegins are very safe. Yathrabegins uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) data encryption. Using SSL ensures that the information exchanged with us is never transmitted unencrypted, thus protecting the information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

20. Can I transfer my ticket?
You cannot transfer your tickets.