Flight Web Check-In

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the government has made web check-in mandatory. As per the new guidelines, all passengers must check-in online. For Indian domestic flights, the web check-in time begins 72 hours before the departure, 48 hours before for International flights and up until 2 hours before the departure of flights (Domestic & International). Since international travel requires travelers to arrive earlier as compared to domestic travel, the check-in deadlines are early too. All the passengers must report 3 hours prior to the flight departure time to complete all the formalities. Airline carriers may change their rules at their discretion without any prior notice. Refer to the respective airline’s policies for recent updates. In case of booking re-schedules and cancellations, you will be charged as per the airline’s latest policy in force.

Domestic & International

Air Arabia
Air India
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Malaysia Airlines
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines
Thai Airways
Turkish Airlines
Virgin Atlantic